Success Stories

The Sleep Sense™ Method, created by Dana Obleman in 2003, has already helped thousands of parents just like you teach their children healthy sleep habits. It was my strong belief in Dana’s system that inspired me to become a professional sleep consultant, and I look forward to helping you and your family achieve the same results that my recent clients have been enjoying. Here are some letters from them:

“We decided to make the call to Visa after struggling to get our twin girls (7 months) to nap during the day. They were only napping 30-40 minutes at a time and the inconsistency was making it so we couldn’t plan anything during the day because we never knew what to expect! More importantly, the girls were really fussy during the day because they were tired, but wouldn’t nap. Visa came along and helped us understand some of the crutches our girls had fallen into when it came to their sleep pattern. Within a few days, the girls naps were starting to improve. By then end of two weeks, we were consistently getting over an hour or more for naps, twice a day. The girls are happier when they are awake (and so are Mom and Dad!) Making the call to Visa was the best decision we made. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!”
– Matt & Megan, Garland, TX

“Results speak for themselves and Visa certainly delivered impressive results. After struggling for many months to get our daughter into a steady sleep routine that was consistently more than 5-6 hours per night, we decided to call Visa in for help. Not only was our daughter not sleeping through the night at 5 months old, some nights she would only sleep in 60-150 minute stretches and to give even that she demanded lots of rocking, pacifier time, singing and/or dancing. Visa over delivered for us. Within 3 nights, our daughter was sleeping 12 hours per night with steady naps throughout the day and without many of the crutches we had created while trying to “fix” the situation. She helped my wife and I make sense of the loads of information that we had been reading since our daughter was born and gave us a clear, thorough and easy to follow routine that generated results. She was great about following up and ensuring that all of our questions were answered. We can’t recommend her enough”
– Seth & Valini, Dallas, TX

“Visa has helped my family greatly.  Collin (our 11 month old) was still waking up 3 to 4 times a night.  We already stopped night feedings, but he still woke up and wanted to be held and rocked to sleep. This was becoming very hard on my husband and I since we both have full time jobs.  My breaking point happened when my husband had to have surgery and would not be able to pick up anything more than 20 pounds for a couple of weeks. Collin weighed over 20 pounds and I did not know how I was going to be able to do the full night time duty by myself and go to work the next morning.
We started the program on a Thursday and he was sleeping through the night (12 hours) by Sunday.  He only cried the first couple of nights.  I was amazed and wondered why we waited so long to try this. This program was very easy to follow and we only had to adjust a couple of things in our bedtime schedule.  Visa was very kind and patient with us.  We were still having trouble with his naps (( think Collin is afraid he is going to miss something if he takes a nap!).
Visa helped us figure out the best nap schedule for him.  I would recommend Visa to all parents who needs some help with their sleepless nights.”
– A well-rested mommy (finally), Cathleen Richards – Plano, TX

“We tried everything and thought we were doing all the right things, but nothing worked long term; just temporarily.  We couldn’t rest and sleep through the night.  We were really exhausted and finally, after almost 2 years, we are sleeping through the night and our girl is resting and sleeping so well that we can’t believe it.
Visa was great and she understood very well our feelings and concerns.  She assured us that our girl was going to learn to sleep by herself and we taught her gently, which means it wasn’t a one size fits all plan.  Visa planned what was best for us as a family and she did it very well.  It was a plan that was customized for us and helped us put together the final pieces of this very difficult puzzle.
Now it takes a while for us to wake up in the morning, because we sleep so deeply – I  forgot this existed for a while!”
– We are so happy and rested.  Thank you Visa.  Salomon & Linda – Mexico City, Mexico

“Asking Visa to help us with our 18 month old sleep problems was the best decision we have made.  Our 18 month would not go to bed before 9 and then would wake up every night and stay awake for at least 30 minutes.  After following Visa’s recommendations he is now going to bed every night without crying by himself in his crib. If he wakes up in the middle of the night he will put himself back to sleep in a few minutes with no assistance.  He used to be very fussy and overtired every day , my husband and I had a hard time keeping up with work and doing activities with the family because of our accumulated lack of sleep.  We have no words to thank Visa for her guidance and  for being so patient, and encouraging us at all times.”
– Margie & Fernando, Dallas, TX

“My husband and I are both doctors with very busy family and work schedules.  Both of our children (ages 3 and 6 months) are now sleeping in their own beds AND through the night, thanks to Visa’s help and guidance.  Our entire family is getting better sleep which in turn allows us to spend more quality time in the afternoon as a family because we are all rested!  Being a working mom I sometimes had guilt when I came home and I tried to keep myself and my kids up later to spend more time with them.  Now I realize it was doing us all a disservice and getting more rest is what our family needed!”
– Kayla & Todd Gaddis, Frisco, TX

“Making that first phone call to Visa saved my life!  I am so very grateful for the unwavering support that Visa has offered me and my family.  We were struggling with many sleep-related issues with our not-quite-3-month old when I first decided to get some help.  The worst of it was that my baby was unable to self-soothe and I was rocking her to sleep for every nap and every night before bed, which was taking anywhere from 5-7 hours of my time day in and day out.  I have a 2 year old as well, so this was becoming more and more impossible to keep up and physically exhausting.  With such a wonderful and explicit plan to get my baby in her crib, un-swaddled, and putting herself to sleep, we took the plunge and made some changes.  Visa has been incredibly sympathetic and wonderful on our journey to better sleep.  I could not have done this without her and am so thankful for all of the wonderful changes we’ve seen with our daughter since beginning to instill better sleep habits.  I would recommend her to anyone who wants assistance with their children’s sleep problems!”
– Deb Shapira, Dallas, TX

“Without Visa’s encouragement and positive reassurance I would have given up on the program after the very first night.  Starting the second night my son slept in his crib from 7.30pm until 6.00am and best part was if he woke up during the night he put himself back to sleep without my help.  Finally stopping his night time feeding (3 times a night) meant that I could actually get a full night’s sleep as well.”
– CM, Ontario, Canada

“With a travelling spouse, a child that didn’t sleep very well and a full time job, there were moments I have just prayed for miracles.  I had made a couple of attempts in the past to sleep train my son and had resigned to the fact he would sleep as long as I was in the room and he would crawl into my bed in the middle of the night.  I was getting more sleep than I used to, but still quite interrupted and very unpredictable.

That was the point when I accidentally bumped into Visa’s home page and contacted her.  A few days into implementing her customized plan for my child, I had a huge feeling of regret…..regret that I hadn’t moved to Dallas earlier and met her lot earlier than I really did.  And I am extremely happy that I at least found her now.

Visa eased us into the plan and it works!  I knew she was listening to everything that I was saying, because she came up with a plan that took my current routine as a baseline and put in gradual changes to remove his dependency on sleep props.  She was dedicated and determined and provided us the key elements that we needed to do it right. Through Visa’s guidance, I didn’t just learn to sleep train him.  I also ended up learning ways to discipline him to follow healthy routines in a kind but firm way.  There were some protests, crying and some off days, but within 2 weeks, he has accepted the new bedtime routine well.  He wakes up happy and energetic.  And I am a happy mother.”
– Priya, Bharath & Abhi, Richardson, TX

“Visa was such a wonderful help to our family! We have a 3 year old who would not go to bed before 10:00 pm most nights, and was always waking at 7:00 am. We also have a three month old that was not on a schedule and was up every few hours in the night. Visa was able to come in and assess both children, give us plans for both so that they would both be in bed asleep by 8:00 pm every night. I did not think it was possible until Visa came along, but we now have our evenings back and both kids are asleep by 8:00 every night, sleeping until 7:00 am! We feel like new parents and now are armed with the tools we need to give our children the best sleep possible! Thank you Visa, we are so grateful for you!”
– Emily & Craig Ward, Allen, TX

“I can not even begin to describe the praise and thanks I owe Visa for her work sleep training my son Carter. As a single mom to a stubborn three year old little boy, I was beyond frustrated at the lack of sleep my son was getting on a nightly basis. Between me laying down with him to get him to fall asleep and the multiple night time waking, I was desperate for a change and sleep for own self. I had begun to dread evenings and bed times with Carter.  I was equally as discouraged by the notion that Carter slept an easy 12 hours for anyone but me, making me of course feel I was a terrible mama. Her help was the best choice I could have made for my son and I. Visa made me feel instantly at ease that there was a solution and this issue was fixable! Along with a strong support, she helped me gain my confidence back as a mother. She was so good at reminding me that being consistent and sticking to the “plan” would prove successful. Within less than a week, I had a little boy that falls asleep on his own, and sleeps through the night! This mama now gets 8 hours of sleep! It is very obvious that Visa is not only knowledgeable at what she does, but genuinely has a passion for her work. I looked forward to sharing my successes with her during our scheduled phone calls. She was just as excited as I was to talk about. I owe her my gratitude for changing Carter and I’s nights and lives! I brag to everyone that I see that Carter now sleeps through the night and I owe it to my fabulous trainer!!”
– Jessica & Carter Simpson, South Portland, ME

“I just wanted to tell you again how happy I am that you helped me with Preston. It is so amazing to have him sleep 11-12 hours at 9 months with hardly a peep. I wish I had know when Collin was little and I would have saved myself almost three years of agony. I tried several different books to help sleep train him but I never followed through because I lacked the confidence to trust that it would only be a few nights of disruption in our routine. You did a wonderful job of giving me a plan along with the courage and guidance to see it through. You listened to my concerns and tailored the approach to our schedule. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I would never have been able to have let go and have the surgery I needed, knowing that I was subjecting the grandmothers to caring for my little one round the clock. You were a lifesaver! What a silver lining that my immediate need pushed me to do what I would have avoided. It was so worth it!  Thanks again”
– Amy Riddle, Allen, TX

“Visa took her time getting to know our unique situation (loft living and no doors presented a whole different set of challenges for us, but Visa was up to the task!).  We met with Visa and got to ask as many questions as possible.  Then, once we had the plan and were ready to go, we had Visa with us throughout the whole process.  She called to see how our progress was going and made herself available for us to ask question after question.  When unique roadblocks came up we were not left on our own to scour the internet or books and hope we could find an answer – we just called Visa and she walked us through a solution.  There were several times when Visa would email me after our phone calls to follow up or tell me that she was thinking about our situation and had another suggestion she wanted us to try.  That personalized help and her dedication to helping us is what made the difference and helped us succeed after all these years!  Her sleep plan and her persistence that Miles could sleep on his own – made all the difference for us.  Now Miles loves his “Big Boy Bed” and I don’t have to worry about him kicking my pregnant belly during the night!”
– Amanda Lauro, Dallas, TX