Baby boys vs. baby girls



I am at the moment 36 weeks pregnant and preparing for the arrival of my second baby.  I am going to be the mother of 2 boys, which is a dream come true.

Unlike most women, I have always wanted boys each time I got pregnant.  Girls scare me (though I am one myself).  Maybe its because I know how hard it was to be an awkward girl growing up through the teenage years and the minefield of areas I had to navigate –

  • makeup,
  • boy crushes,
  • wanting to be liked by the other girls at school,
  • what to wear,
  • being flat chested,
  • getting changed in a communal changing room at school
  • feeling less prettier than the blond haired girls (I was one of 2 or  3 Asian Indians in my school and the only girl).

The list is endless.  Girls also come with a lot of drama and it starts at a very early age.  This is my own personal opinion of course, but I feel like the drama, ‘diva’ness and tears are built into a girls’ DNA.  As they get older, the emotional issues are so much more complicated.  Girls tend to harbor some deep issues, and it seems that these issues, start earlier and earlier – bullying, body image issues, food issues, self-esteem issues.  And with the likes of Miley Cyrus representing themselves as role models (scary), the world for little girls just got even more complicated.

My three year old plays with trucks, Legos and dirt.  He loves bikes and anything that moves fast.  It just seems simple and uncomplicated.  If he were to play with dolls (which if he was interested in, I would by all means buy those for him), I have visions of the American Doll store.  The thought of it overwhelms me.  Is it just me or are girls’ things more expensive?

I was never into Barbie dolls and dressing up.  Maybe that’s why I am so grateful for my boys. I was never into frilly things, pink things, flowers and bows.  I LOVE shopping for little boys clothes.  There are such awesome outfits out there for little boys and boys fashion has come such a long way in recent years, with lines such as Harajuku at Target and J Crew, Crewcuts.  I have an aversion to pink and purple things and flowers!

I know boys have self-esteem issues too and they are also plagued by self-image issues and eating disorders in today’s world.  They are not immune to it.  However, I feel as though boys are not quite as spiteful as girls, as they get older.    Let’s face it, girls can be nasty to each other and play a lot of mind games without you even realizing it’s happening.  If I had a girl, I would lay awake at night (more than I already do now) and wonder about the perils of middle school and high school. I have read a couple of books lately set in high school to send my imagination running wild.

I am not sure how I would be of any help when it comes to getting nails, hair and make up.  I didn’t get into all of those things until I was in college!  I still feel like that’s the appropriate age for young women to do all that.  Call me old fashioned and a fuddy duddy, but if I had a girl, she wouldn’t be allowed all those things until she was going off to college too.  Come to think of it, I think if I had a girl, she would have hated me for a mother, because of how strict I would have been.  Girls are growing up way too fast in my opinion and when they are little, it should be a time for playing, learning and having fun.

If I had a girl, I know I would love her just as much as my little boy – no question about it and I know I would have embraced the world of girl clothes, shoes and accessories.  In fact here is a great article on which gender is more fun from another mum.  But I must say that I am very happy and content with the fact that my dream of being a boy mum came true!

Here’s to another 4 weeks of misery before I meet the 2nd little man in my life.

What did you wish to have when you were pregnant and why? Did your wish come true?


  1. I dreamed of having what the Good Lord meant for me to have. I was never able to tell the Holy Spirit, the Giver of Life, what gender or even how many children He would bless me with. That was not my job. I am not really good at taking back gifts that are freely given so that I can have something that I “want”. The gift of a child is a great blessing and not one to be put on a “register” like a shower gift or wedding gift. Children are not commodities. They are gifts from God; we just need to cooperate with the Gift-giver and say “yes” to life.

  2. That’s very interesting Visa! I wanted a girl first, second time I would have been happy either way but as you know I have two girls. I hope I can be a good role model for them. Adam and I want to raise strong, independent women, and I’m glad to have help from my hubby in that regard. 🙂

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