Sleep Consultants – what do we do exactly?

Since becoming a certified sleep consultant and starting my own business, I have had to do a lot of new things which I have never had to do before. One of those things is networking and being comfortable with telling everyone I meet about what I do for a living. I LOVE telling people that I am a sleep consultant, just to see people’s reactions.

Their eyes usually widen is absolute amazement that such a thing exists. Then it’s always followed by one of two questions:

1. Do you work with adults too?

2. Where were you (insert number) years ago when I needed you?

Once they get over the initial shock, I find that people are so curious and interested in how this whole thing works. The misconception is that we recommend that we keep babies up all day, so that they will sleep better at night. I always tell people that this is the complete opposite of how the program works. “Sleep begets sleep” is a very famous quote in the sleep world. The more rested a child is, the easier they will fall asleep and stay asleep – but I digress from the topic.

When people ask me “what does a sleep consultant do” – I always say that I am a personal trainer for families. You hire a personal trainer because you want to lose weight and you need to lose it to become healthy and fit. In spite of all your best efforts, you often don’t know where to start, what plan to stick to, and going to gyms can be very intimidating and then you just give up.

In the same way, parents know that their kids need to sleep and they want to help them sleep. However, they don’t have a clear plan, it’s intimidating and scary and they don’t know where to start. Hiring a sleep consultant helps them stay focused and accountable, but all the work is done for them. I assess their current situation with their child/children, and come up with a customized plan on how to create independent, healthy sleepers. Parents have to be prepared to do the work, but I keep them motivated and on the right track. I am their sleep expert, coach and motivator, highlighting their successes and cheering them on. In the end, the entire family has made a huge, positive change in their health and long term happiness.

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